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Certified Public Accountants

Director of Operations

Kristine joined the firm in August 2006 and became partner January 1, 2018. As our in-house creative mind, Kristine was the original developer of the concept and system for how our services are delivered to our clients. People first. She is the chief officer responsible for human resources, administration, operations, business development and overall vision and growth of Lindsay, Crabb and Associates, PLLC.

In college, she majored in Music Education. With her background in music, she has developed a great sense of discipline toward her work. Before joining the firm, Kristine spent 10 years with Toyota, her main focus being the coordination of process and procedures, coaching team building exercises and targeting customer impact areas.

Kristine has been happily married to Kris since 2000 and they are the proud parents of 3 sons. They moved from New York in 2004 and could not be happier to have settled here in Ocala.

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